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Welcome to the OIE Innovation Hub!
A platform where innovative educators meet to learn, grow and support their path of student focused learning.

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From Education Elements, MARCH 2017, Newsletter

Design Spotlight

How To Avoid "Initiative Overload"__
In just about every district where we work, we encounter “initiative overload” - the sense that programs, policies, or priorities are overwhelming everyone from students to teachers to district staff.
So when recently began working with a client on bui
The key questions to ask about blended learning are:

To what extent does the blended learning environment offer transformed instructional design models that provide for optimizing personalized learning in a classroom or in a school?

Does each student have an individual student profile of their history and performance over time?

How well do blended instructional models include immediat
Crystal Beshears posted Mar 2 at 9:09 pm
As we work with educators across the state and nation, we hear a need for deeper understanding of key terms in innovation. The following paper explains the nuances of key terms across the k-12 field related to personalized learning, blended learning, and competency-based education.


Teacher and School Leader (TSL, formerly TIF) grant opportunities were just announced by USDE December 20, 2017.

Submission Dates and Times: Applications Available: December 20, 2016. Deadline for Notice of Intent to Apply: Fe
Carol Dweck's Growth Mindset is the Education Research de jeur. When research is misinterpreted, partially understood, or misapplied, our best intentions become the 'unintented consequences'! The very effort, care, and deep understanding we want for our children starts with us--Growth mindset is more than a buzzword and not a silver bullet. It takes deep understanding, nuance, and rethinking our
What are some ways the role of the learner and the teacher change as we strive to give students more control, autonomy, responsibility and choice (AGENCY)in the classroom? This resource from the Office of Ed Tech at the USDOE
has four great videos embedded (one is from Summit Schools, one from Coachella, one from Kettle Moraine-which we have some experience/knowledge of 3 of 4 of these school
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Some inquiry-based and problem-based learning resources:
-For science and math:
-For literacy and social studies:

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Hello All! If you attended the session with Judy Perez at the Summit, or are interested in a free online pd course on Blended Learning, please check this out this message from Judy!

"Set up a free Schoology account if they don't have one:
Click on Instructor
Fill out registration
Click on Courses
Click on Join
Enter this Access Code. TMF4J-H83C4
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