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Resources for Blended Learning
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The key questions to ask about blended learning are:

To what extent does the blended learning environment offer transformed instructional design models that provide for optimizing personalized learning in a classroom or in a school?

Does each student have an individual student profile of their history and performance over time?

How well do blended instructional models include immediat
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As we work with educators across the state and nation, we hear a need for deeper understanding of key terms in innovation. The following paper explains the nuances of key terms across the k-12 field related to personalized learning, blended learning, and competency-based education.

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Hello All! If you attended the session with Judy Perez at the Summit, or are interested in a free online pd course on Blended Learning, please check this out this message from Judy!

"Set up a free Schoology account if they don't have one:
Click on Instructor
Fill out registration
Click on Courses
Click on Join
Enter this Access Code. TMF4J-H83C4
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