Who We Are?

The Office of Innovation for Education at the University of Arkansas funded by the Arkansas Department of Education collaborates with public schools, districts and educators across the state. The office is a resource for exploring, investigating, and designing ideas and opportunities for innovation that improve outcome for every student.

Our goal is to spearhead, support and promote innovation in education to cultivate and support a teaching and learning culture that will increase students' readiness for success in a continually changing college and career landscape. Innovation requires change. Change means risk. We are here to help you manage that risk by connecting you to ideas and people interested in innovating to enhance student and adult learning.

Our Vision:

Cultivate and support sustainable innovation in education

What we're investigating:

  • Blended Learning opportunities and Challenges
  • Personalizing Instruction
  • Digital content and learning management systems
  • Competency-Based Education
  • Reimagining college and career readiness and connecting to relevance
  • Research
  • Developing customized technology for educators

Schools we have consulted or collaborated:

  • Leverett Elementary, Fayetteville
  • Springdale School District, Council of Innovation
  • Elkins School District
  • Weiner Elementary
  • Gentry Intermediate and Gentry High Schools
  • Greenland School District
  • Decatur School District
  • Blytheville Middle School
  • Siloam Springs School District
  • Ramsey Junior High School, Fort Smith

Our Mission

Build Relationships





How can OIE help you?

Build Relationships

OIE's primary goal is to create an ecosystem where members can learn, teach and realize shared goals through innovative strategies and shared programs. Collaborative channels for communication and sharing of knowledge are vital for schools of innovation to succeed, the first step in the process is to build relationships. We look forward to working collaboratively with you and becoming part of the innovation ecosystem.

  • Focus Change

    With a continually changing college and career landscape, a new focus on change in education is essential. Innovation means cultivating an environment where existing challenges are met with new ideas and new approaches. OIE supports new thinking and investigates new practices to promote effective, personalized instruction for all students. Change can include risk, we help manage risk by connecting you to ideas, evidence-based research, promising practices, and other innovative educators taking similar risks.

  • Support Innovation

    Innovation in education can be a catalyst for student success. Today there is a greater need to move beyond traditional educational approaches to prepare students to be successful in our rapidly changing world. Technology, research, collaboration, and information-sharing are required to develop effective pedagogical and learning strategies. The OIE actively studies innovative practices employed in innovative schools and programs, and can help customize these plans for your school. The OIE extends technology assistance to help schools select relevant tools, and can partner with schools to build customized applications that schools can be installed and used free of cost.

  • Connect Research

    While there are a plethora of research articles and tools educators can use, not many educators have the time to assess the quality, coherence and applicability of the information provided. The OIE can help you in both understanding a study and how it applies to your school, or OIE can connect you to research that may fit your needs. The OIE is actively involved in research and regularly publishes papers and journals on findings. Browse our resources page and blog to find more information.

  • Inform Decisions

    In order to effectively respond to change and challenges, schools need to be continually informed of improved decisions to meet objectives. There is no one solution that can be applied to a student, teacher, or school. OIE can help support individualized solutions based on best practices, research, and analysis. Reach out to us if you have questions on a practice or and solution that your school is currently using or wants to use.

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