John Q. Hammons Center - Rogers, AR
September 26-28, 2018
The Office of Innovation for Education and Arkansas Department of Education are convening innovative educators and nationally known leaders to bring you the 4th annual Education Innovation Summit on September 26-28, 2018. With over 52 schools across Arkansas currently immersed in an innovative learning journey, you will be surrounded by and participating with a guiding coalition of educational innovators who are engaging, designing, and transforming with the learner at the center. Expect to be part of a strong statewide network committed to student-focused learning.
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Advanced Cognitive Coaching

[07/11/2018] The mission of Cognitive Coaching is to produce self-directed persons with the cognitive capacity for excellence both independently and as members of a community. CC Advanced Seminars provide refinement and depth of learning for those desiring to achieve expert proficiency in Cognitive Coaching SM and are highly supportive of those who wish to begin the pathway to becoming an in-district trainer.