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2018 Summit


Arkansas is becoming a leader in educational innovation thanks to pioneers across the state and the emphasis on student focused learning by our state department. Over the past three years at the Summit, we've worked to engage educators' awareness of innovative practices and designs. Travel to any region of the state and you will see educators engaged in conversations and actions to innovate! The 2018 Innovation Summit pulls from successful student focused learning system designs and puts educators and students at the center of the design process. In fact, we have no doubt you will leave with a new or expanded vision of learning. One based on the premise we deeply believe.... that inside the learner is the design! We have school systems across the state, and country, successfully implementing innovative and student focused learning systems. These systems are transforming what it means to be a student in a public school system. Come hear, learn, share, and network with these pioneers.

Many of these leaders will offer mini-mentoring sessions throughout the conference that you will not want to miss! Engage in the conversation with us again this year or join us for the first time! Learn how intentional design impacts student learning and walkaway with practical next steps. Be a part of the transformation happening across the state and help grow our innovative statewide learning community! See you soon! If you weren't able to attend the Innovation Summit, you may be able to join us for regional follow up meetings.

Innovative Strategies Popular In Arkansas

Competency Based Progression - 66.7%

Expeditionary Learning - 28.6%

Flexible Schedules - 66.7%

Learning Management & Content Management Systems - 42.9%

Personalized Learning Plans - 71.4%

Project-based Learning - 38.1%

**Data from OIE's regional summit survey.
Regional Summit
OIE has provided regional follow up sessions at Dawson ESC, Crowley's Ridge ESC, and Northwest Arkansas ESC [Learn More]. Would you like to host a follow-up session to pursue deeper learning and planning in the areas that focus on the needs of your students and your communities? We are working on follow up opportunities in other regions in Arkansas.
Stay tuned for more information. Or, contact us to request that we schedule a follow up in your region!
Technology Focus Groups


Our mission is to understand and help teachers and education leaders adapt to the integration of information and communication technology in Arkansas classrooms.
These meetings are a great way to collaborate with other teachers in the state. PD Credits are awarded for attending.

How can we help?

  • App Development
  • Data Analytics
  • Helping Schools with Technology Requirements
  • Creating resources for Computer Science, Programming, Arduino, Raspberry Pi and LEGOs
Contact us to schedule a technology focus group meeting