September 23-24, 2019

Hot Springs Convention Center - Hot Springs, AR

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SEPTEMBER 23-24, 2019


The Office of Innovation for Education and Arkansas Department of Education are convening innovative educators and nationally known leaders to bring you the 5th annual Education Innovation Summit on September 23-24, 2019. With over 52 schools across Arkansas currently immersed in an innovative learning journey, you will be surrounded by and participating with a guiding coalition of educational innovators who are engaging, designing, and transforming with the learner at the center. Expect to be part of a strong statewide network committed to student-focused learning.

Engage in the conversation with us again this year or join us for the first time! Celebrate innovative schools and leaders across the state! Learn how intentional design impacts student learning and walk away with practical next steps. Be a part of the transformation happening across the state and help grow our innovative statewide learning community! See you soon!


The 2019 Education Innovation Summit "Together we Are Lighting a Fire to Transform Learning" recognizes and values the impact of our growing statewide learning community. The Summit immerses participants in collaborating, networking, and igniting innovative ideas and processes for transforming learning. The Office of Innovation for Education and the Arkansas Department of Education look forward to learning with educators at the 5th annual 2019 Summit, as together we transform Arkansas to lead the nation in student-focused education.

Establish lasting relationships with innovative leaders in the state and nation

Ignite innovative ideas in your school community

Learn from research-driven sessions that include practical guidance and “lessons learned” from the field

Connect with attendees and experts who make a daily impact in school districts, as teachers and leaders

Interact with and be mentored by local and national experts from the field

Collaborate with over 400 innovative minds in our statewide learning community

Attendee Quotes
  • Wonderful speakers with great ideas and insights!! - Stuttgart Schools |
  • The mentoring sessions gave me an opportunity to gain useful insight into the work of those that are in the field doing it every day. As a superintendent, it was very helpful and educating. - Magazine Schools
  • Being new to my district and a school of innovation, it was overall just useful being there and learning about school of innovation and hearing real world experiences from other districts. - Starcity Schools
  • The willingness of educators to provide assistance to create a school culture dedicated to Personalized Learning for each student. - Fortsmith Schools
  • Enjoyed hearing from one group of teachers that serve primary aged children. Hearing an idea at the elementary level was most helpful. - Lonoke Schools


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A.J. Juliani

Director of Learning and Innovation
Centennial School District Bio +

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Karla Phillips

Policy Director, Next Generation Learning
Foundation for Excellence in Education Bio +

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Johnny Key

Commissioner of Education, Cabinet Secretary
Department of Education Bio +
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Sonny Magana

Dr. Sonny Magana
Magana Education Bio +

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Jim Rickabaugh

Senior Advisor
Institute for Personalized Learning Bio +

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Ronnie Brewer

Former Razorback and NBA Basketball Player
Ronnie Brewer Foundation Bio +
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Buddy Berry

Eminence Independent Schools Bio +

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Kate Sommerville

Professional Development Specialist
Institute for Personalized Learning Bio +

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John Spencer

Professor and Author
George Fox University Bio +


Arkansas is becoming a leader in educational innovation thanks to pioneers across the state and the emphasis on student focused learning by our state department. Over the past four years at the Summit, and five years as a leader of innovation in the state, we've worked to engage educators' awareness of innovative practices and designs.

Travel to any region of the state and you will see educators engaged in conversations and actions to innovate! Vital to this work are the Arkansas trailblazers- inquiring, implementing, reflecting, and sharing across the state. The emphasis on student-focused learning by our state leaders provides a dynamic landscape for transforming learning. The Education Innovation Summit has been a catalyst to increase educators' awareness of innovative practices and inspire innovative design, since 2015.