Gerard Newsom

Gerard Newsom

Digital Learning Support Specialist

Arch Ford ESC

With early beginnings in corporate America technology field, he has been a professional trainer in education for more than 20 years spanning from AETN, a local PBS station, to a nationally renowned education provider Discovery Education. His K12 experience spans over 5 years serving LRSD, PCSSD, NLR school districts. As a member of Team Digital since 2014 and stationed at Archford Cooperative, he serves the Dawson Coop ESC & Dequeen/Mena ESC areas to provide operational support to Arkansas educators in the growing interest of blended and online learning. His guidance areas for Team Digital are community involvement, communications & marketing. He feels that the best way to affect students is through equipping the hands and hearts of the teachers they are in contact with. Gerard's belief is that there are no obstacles, but only things in place to prove you are moving forward.

My Speakers Sessions:

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