Kristin Cuilla

Kristin Cuilla

Senior Director, District and School Development

New Tech Network

As New Tech Network’s Senior Director for District and School Development, Dr. Kristin Cuilla focuses on assessing and aligning school and district preparedness for whole school transformation. In her work to ensure success for all teachers and students, Kristin supports a geographically and demographically diverse set of schools, along with the over 200 Network schools.

Kristin’s work in rural schools is shaped by the fast progress she was able to make in urban and suburban schools. Her work reflects her belief that every student should have access to the technology and resources that will best prepare them for the next step in their educational journey.

Prior to joining New Tech Network, Kristin was a high school English teacher, principal, and district administrator. During her 16-year tenure, she directly oversaw the opening of two innovative high schools along with four additional high schools in her growing district – the 15th largest in the nation.

Dr. Cuilla is a first generation college graduate who has extensive experience working in underserved schools and districts, including along the Corridor of Shame in South Carolina.  She recently co-authored Status Quo Interrupted: Embracing courage with school districts.

Kristin graduated Magna Cum Laude from Florida State University in 1992. After completing a Masters of English Literature from FSU in 1993, Kristin pursued and was awarded a Masters of School Administration from North Carolina State University in 2001. Kristin earned a Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Research and Policy Analysis in 2004 from North Carolina State University.

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