Kay York

Kay York

Kay York - Principal

Ashdown High School

Ashdown High School started working toward becoming a School of Innovation two years ago and have accomplished many changes and opportunities for our students in our school and community.  We have worked through many challenges and continue to involve all stakeholders as each month, week,  and day we see opportunities to improve and meet the ever-growing demands of students entering college and career.  Our school has embraced change in tiny steps and success has been very pleasing to all.  We have found many resources within our school, students, and community in order to move forward with a continual change.  This is my 40th year as an educator and my drive for becoming a School of Innovation is pure ethical - why would I not try to do what is best for ALL our students.  Every one of our 448 deserves to have opportunities far beyond what our schools were 20 even 10 years ago.  

My Speakers Sessions:

(11:15 AM - 12:15 PM)

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