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Self-Assessment: This assessment is a tool to guide individuals and/or teams to reflect on current practice to identify the most significant area of need within each domain. The self-assessment responses are calculated and sorted by critical attribute to guide schools in determining entry points to begin their work.  Rank responses to each question using the following scale:
Rarely— not intentional
Emerging— intentional for some
Developing— intentional for most
Systemic— intentional for all

Q1) Staff focus on building relationships with students as a way to support social and emotional development.

Q2) Teachers help design personalized professional development.

Q3) All students are aware of themselves as thinkers and learners.

Q4) Many opportunities for professional collaboration on teaching, both formal and informal, are part of the system of the school.

Q5) Student learners are supported socially and emotionally.

Q6) Clear learning progressions allow students to provide peer feedback and gauge their own progress.

Q7) The school has a program or initiative on social and emotional skill development.

Q8) Learning experiences demand social awareness to prepare students for college, career, and community engagement.

Q9) Students receive regular, personalized feedback when demonstrating learning.

Q10) Designing instruction is grounded in clear, essential academic standards and integrated with learning competencies.

Q11) Learners engage in explicit work on self- management, self-awareness and have opportunities for voice and choice.

Q12) Staff and students are exposed to exemplars and encouraged to strive for improvement.

Q13) Teachers use multiple forms of assessment, including some performance-based assessments, to evaluate student learning.

Q14) Students help design authentic, real world experiences as part of their learning.

Q15) Educators use a wide variety of strategies, routines and learning opportunities to affect student outcomes.

Q16) Teachers use learning science to improve teaching and learning.