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Shared vision and commitment to student focused learning


Transformational Leadership creates a shared vision and commitment to student-focused learning. Leaders model a collaborative inquiry process with a mindset of curiosity and exploration. Leaders take on challenges by being willing to question, experiment, and reflect, with a focus on the needs of learners. Everyone learns from setbacks and continues to grow personally while inspiring others to do the same. Failure is a First Attempt in Learning and an expected part of a cycle of inquiry for improvement.

Each Domain in our Innovation Framework has four Critical Attributes. Critical attributes are the important areas within each domain that serve as entry points for schools in transformative change. Depending on the context, schools may find different and personalized entry points to start their design for innovation. The critical attributes of Transformational Leadership are: Vision and Mission, Collaborative Processes, Culture, and Systems.

Self-Assessment for Transformational Leadership

The Self-Assessment is a tool that supports school teams in determining the areas, or critical attributes of each domain, where they might begin conversations, explore more deeply for understanding, or seek additional data to take a deeper or more detailed look at their local context. This assessment will help teams start and support the journey into the domain of Transformational Leadership.

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